With this episode, we’ll see this start to change, beginning with the release of a baseball game from Namco that helped kick off the modern era of sports games. We are now up to July , and the following games are featured: Koei makes its console debut in the most ambitious manner possible. Neunzehn ends up as new ee zeh nu in Katakana, for example. We take a look the first 13 PC Engine games in chronological order, starting with the system’s launch in October up through July of For the episode, the Predator Game is retarded, Golgo 13 looks interesting, I heard that the series is cool, the Taito roundup was nice and informative, after all a good episode.

And the minimal cussing. We have our usual collection of good, bad and weird games; and at least one fondly remembered NES title. They would obviously do this again in the future with games like Mario is Missing. History of Rare Episode 21 , August This episode we take a look at the 15 games released between August and November And besides, I don’t see what the problem is, it’s not like everyone who likes lolicon is a real-life pedophile or something.

Chronttendo you don’t save up for the force field you will DIE! History of adventure games, part 2 Episode 33July And when you were talking about Nobunaga’s Ambition, you were debating about the release date of the original version being or Taito, a little behind the times, will continue supporting the FDS a bit longer than the other big arcade companies, until early I suppose a Spaceballs quote would be appropriate here?

The newest episode of Chronturbo. Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: The armies epusode up along the left and right hand sides of the screen.

The games covered this episode are: Wonder Boy was built by a company called West One and, through a rather unique sounding arrangement. Also a surprisingly good game from Bandai, as well as more atrocities from Kemco and Toei. With an accent, but understandable. This newer version brings the audio and picture quality up to that of later episodes. Our special feature this time around is a little look at Taito, the folks who pretty much kicked off the video game craze inbut by had reached the point where they got dpisode up by Square Enix.


This episode covers 15 games from August to September Pro-Am Wait a second!

Why does have a sound track that sounds like it was arranged for snare drum and referee whistle? Ikari Mappy Land Dragon Ball: History of Irem Episode 24November Thrilla Gorilla certain looks like a pretty cool character I wish I could’ve known though.

The games this episode are: Much of the game is completely playable, though hampered by the developer Lenar’s insistence on hiding most of the important items in completely arbitrary places. Chrontendo finally reaches ! Wagaou no Bouken Dragon Buster I watch these at work, so I just had to skip this one and move on. We do have a couple Nintendo published games, two strange RPGs and 2 military strategy games. But he’s in San Fransisco.

This is similar to the “direct-to-video” type releases we may see for movies over here, but Japanese OAV’s often run the gamut of many varieties often going from a single feature-length presentation to a part series similar to that of TV episodes. Chrobtendo decided to base the new character on [an] actual Hudson employee, Toshiyuki Takahashi.

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Hakushaku Reijou Yuukai Jiken – Actually sort of an interesting title from the obscure publisher Towachiki. You jump over giant rolling coke cans to avoid being electrocuted. Monday, May 17, Chrontendo Springs Forward.

Oh this is going to take up a whole lot of the time I don’t have: But now the lost episode has been found! Today, sports games are a major genre, with series such as Madden Football moving an absurd number of units.


Tropes used in his reviews:

Daimashikyou Galious Family Mahjong The most notable thing is the antagonist wears a terrifying gold V for Vendetta type mask. Not just any episode, 28 features an unbeatable triple threat: It’s holiday time as we enter November.

You can actually make a sweater featuring, uh, Super. To be honest I didn’t even know there was a Famicom title about him, I thought that the first Napoleon wargame came out as a launch title for the GBA in Japan.

So, this may help to clear up confusion about NA’s original release.

When I first heard about the series and rented it back in the 90’s I rented the third tape, not having seen the epizode at all, and getting confused at the plot since you had to see the first film to figure out what was going on.

Breeder I’m not sure if Breeder is bad, or just pointless.

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This will provide handy, bored late-night viewing for weeks. Wikipedia may help you here Even so, Mashou is relatively decent — except for one thing. Find some maps of the dungeons online, however, and you Mashou becomes surprisingly acceptable. As the master detective, you run around the UK, stabbing random pedestrians to death while searching for randomly hidden clues. This post made by permission of jessamyn. Don’t forget to download Chrontendo Episode 13 at archive.