Especially her purposeful torture of Secretary Park! Come on, just call it a fox bead. So there’s that, at least. The Thousandth Man Episode 8 final Screencaps. Blogger November 4, at 7: They will keep me busy for a while. The list of dramas I’ve dropped is probably four or five times longer than dramas I’ve finished. He speaks of his love openly and would do anything for her.

They all loved me dearly even though I was only a beast in human shape. Come on, just call it a fox bead. Mi-mo is a selfish, jealous, petty character. Wedding Ring Malaysia I get eager to see something new and extraordinary and moral. Mi-sun legally bought the house using her human name and cried. Then he asks after Mi-jin.

Her emotions and motivations—beyond whatever starry-eyed Joseon chick-lit she read growing up—are at best glossed over. Mi-mo puts her arm around her sister.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. She has devoured the livers from men. Oh, the family aspect of this drama seriously just fhe me. Did she wear leather back in the day? She gave him her crystal orb that holds the lives of men who loved her. Email required Address never made public. Does she pull a Sailor Moon? Tears fall down her cheeks and she rises. In any thousanfth, you are forewarned. Mi-mo says farewell to the employees and the business when she gets a call from a shocked and indignant Woo-hyun asking to meet.


I’ll put this one toward the bottom of my list. We only get this. To mn a fox is to see love, Eung-suk says with sadness in his eyes. The Thousandth Man also suffers from a frustratingly naive and uninteresting female lead.

To The Beautiful You. She gets angry and wonders if he thinks so little of her to think she only wants money from him. She has to get the men to fall in love with her first. I tried to section it off, but I ended up babbling…as per usual.

She apologizes to her mother and then offers to go get drinks for everyone. Chef Seo begs his Chef in France for a recipe to make a dying person live. He mab Seo to bring Mi-jin. He grabs her hand and puts it on his abdomen.

The Thousandth Man

He leaves and we see that she actually cares for him. The cop asks to see her I. He sets her down, moves in for a kiss…. When he fell in love with Mi-jin, he started opening up to life and really enjoying it in all of what it has to give. Can you love me like this? He apologizes for not telling Seo about it.


The Thousandth Man: Episode 8 (Final) Recap

It was so beautifully done that even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. She hears her family worrying for her and her promises to them to become human.

The monster that eats human livers is me. Speaking of, what an enjoyable side character!

On what planet does it make sense to only eat the livers of good guys who are willing to die for love? Then he hugs her and tells her not to worry. Then she asks him say he loves her for one last time.

Welcome to being human, sista. How often do we see that in k-drama? Does he really want to know the truth?