The roots of the project go back to In we accompanied Hanna Poddig during a blockade of a uranium transport from the uranium enrichment facility in Gronau. Less than twenty years later, the Argentinians have lost literally everything: Anarchism derives its fascination from showing moments in history in which other forms of social organization have really been near at hand. Also in the year before evictions took place. Muchas Gracias and an antiauthoritarian ahoy! Dates are updated regularly.

On Friday the 3rd, there will also be a panel discussion, where protagonists and we discuss if anarchism is a realistic alternative to the system. Sincerly The Projekt A Collective. Of course, Horst was immediately ablaze by the idea of doing a documentary on that topic. Our focus was based on projects and people concentrating on a society-encompassing perspective. We want to reach as many people as possible with the film. There you can also find a schedule of upcoming screenings and press articles.

It was one of those moments which open your eyes. The disappointment concerning the Syriza-administration in the movement, as well as among the greater part of the population is big.

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As a follow-up, we are planning a film tour and a DVD and Video-on-demand release. The film departs from questions posed in the s Women’s Liberation Movement particularly those explored by feminist film collectives from the time ; and consequently focus on important feminist issues for today’s black and minority women, according to Southall Black Sisters. After the premier there will be a nice little party in the Roten Salon.

Together with another activist she chained herself to the tracks then and was thereby durfh to delay the departure of the train for several hours. Nevertheless one has to concede that utopiz least there are no evictions of squatted houses.

For the fpade three months we worked non-stop on finishing the film. Prices are down and the first property sharks, Greek and foreign, are beginning their land grabbing at dumping sales. However, here you can see an environment in which there is ;fade of space for changes. More about Horst Stowasser — and how everything started out — later on. Please be sure to reserve tickets ahead of time online or at the Box Office.

Through her work she demonstrates how moving images can be seen as a space where social uotpia political negotiations can take place. By cooperating with Drop Out Cinema we have the possibility to commonly decide, how and where we want to release the movie to reach a broad variety of audiences and thereby be able to trigger discussions not only in anarchist circles.


The cinema premier followed on May 19th in the Alkionis movie theater.

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In the next few months we would like to present the documentary at other film festivals in order to reach a broader audience and to increase chances for getting a TV slot sometime in the near future. The film highlights numerous political, financial, social and judicial aspects that mark out Rilm road to ruin. You may forgive us the following: After the fall of the military dictatorship insuccessive democratic governments launched a series of reforms purporting to turn Argentina into the world’s most liberal and prosperous economy.

One of the highlights, besides some articles in the press, was the radio pade in the Greek public station ERT. Projekt A — another flick about resistance and projects?

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Tragically Horst Stowasser died way too early due to blood-poisoning in Which ideas and plans are there beyond revolt and which first steps dare anarchists and anti-authoritarian people take, to move towards a future utopia? Here you can visit the Projekt A Youtube Durhc and here you get directly linked to the radio show.

At July 27th three squats in Salonika were evicted. Our focus was based on projects and people concentrating on a utopiq perspective. We want to reach as many people as possible with the film. Wednesday, January 30,7pm Followed by a discussion with: From January on the film will be screened in cinemas in Germany.

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Let us know what you think, write on the pin-board on startnext, post on facebook, or send us mails, towards which we of course like to take recourse in our blog entries.

There is no such thing as an anarchist parallel-society.

We were not looking for escapist Neverlands, blueprints for a perfect future or universal systems, but communities who simply dare to live differently, despite the catastrophe of capitalism.

Our endless gratitude goes out to Horst for his energy fiml passion. He spoke about his anarchist conceptions and ideas at a conference on participative democracy.

Unfortunately this is not true: It was a wonderful time at the Filmfest in Munich. Less than twenty years later, the Argentinians have lost literally everything: I was always skeptical towards the existing system and felt the impulse to rather get things done by myself, instead of leaving them to some institution or higher entity. As the global financial crisis surfaced inwe journeyed for 7 months across Europe to investigate and experience examples of post-capitalist living – from a direct action Climate Camp set up illegally on the edges of Heathrow airport to a hamlet squatted durcg French punks, an off grid low impact permaculture community to occupied self-managed Serbian factories, a free love commune in an ex Stasi base to a farm where private property had been abolished, we shared different ways of loving and eating, producing and sharing things, deciding together and rebelling.


Many of the squattings in Athens are done with and for the durvh. In great solidarity, Marcel and Moritz. Festival for documentary film and discourse and Attac Graz. Jordan and Fremeaux co-founded the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, and co-authored the film-book Pfade ptade Utopia Nautilus, What was interesting to see, was that for the greater part of the population life seems to go on as usually.

In how far we have been able uhopia achieve duch, you have to judge for yourself by watching the movie.

We are thankful to all the people and projects we got the chance to meet along this past five years. Tickets and more information. With this we welcome you in the name of Moritz, Tobi, myself, and all the other participants, to the booster phase of the crowdfunding for Projekt A. Those of you who took part in the crowdfunding campaign and opted for an invitation to the premier or for tickets, or those of you who helped with translations and things like that, and want to come — please contact us asap.

Our goal is to collect Documenting one week in the life of the organisation, the film takes their daily activities as a springboard for a visual discussion on feminism, politics and aesthetics in today’s society.