How to replace a Sansa Clip internal battery. The player has a feature called Rhapsody Channels, which is the online service’s brand of podcasting , and also comes with preloaded content. The SanDisk Sansa e series offers a boatload of features for a reasonable price, in a package that is much nicer than that of past SanDisk models. Sleek, easy to use, user-friendly menu and controls. I didn’t need a fancy display and this one shows just what I need. Audio connectivity Wired Wireless.

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Wikibooks has a book on the topic of: It’s an alternative OS that really makes it shine. Only dissapointment are the phones which are pretty lousy, but can be easily plqyer with better ones. Maki Gotoa Japanese pop artist has also endorsed the Sansa e series with a promotional video, featuring one of her songs.

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The Sansa Shaker is a screenless digital audio player and comes in colors of blue, red, white, and pink with an SD card slot. I went in search of something cheaper just for that purpose.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sansa. You can use preloaded slotMusic and slotRadio cards that fit into the microSD slot. Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, an The sound is quite good, considering the small size. About Sansa MP3 Player Every athlete enjoys music their workout and the Sansa MP3 m;3 incorporates the many needs of the athlete who needs a small yet durable audio device.


The SanDisk Sansa e series offers a boatload of features for a reasonable price, in a package that is much nicer than that of past SanDisk models. I use it a lot for recording both live musical jam sessions and conversations. At present I have noodled around with it enough hours to have reduced an initial basketful of start up problems to just one that remains intransigent. The SanDisk Sansa is a line of 2- to gigabyte flash memory -based portable media players produced by SanDisk.

Each card is preloaded with music from your favorite artists and there is no playyer necessary.

All in all, surprisingly good device. If the 8 GB of your own music collection doesn’t provide enough options, the built-in FM radio receiver offers nearby radio stations, too. Embarrassingly, I keep recommending this MP3 player to my traveling friends. What is the right soldering tool to unsolder old battery? Having said that, I only had to open the book once to figure out the one thing I couldn’t suss out by myself.


All our products will have a unique hollow-gram warranty sticker or an invisible stump inside or outside the item. Archived from the original on May 28, Not fancy, but that’s fine with me. Right now I have over songs in it. However, this thing is so awesome that I’ve completely converted my music library over to it as well.

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The players are compatible with many accessories which were originally made for the Sansa e series. When the player’s memory card is put back in, it emits a popping sound. Newer models, referred to as v. playr

;layer would buy the 4gb model next time to allow more space for downloading. The Sansa eR was released in October The old battery has an attached small board which is connected to the player via 3 wires.

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It’s small size is great, and the menus are easy to use. Skip to main content. The original Clip battery is 3.