Lopaka sustains injuries and is marooned with Bermana on a sand bar. He was rescued from drowning as a child by Flipper, and they’ve been best friends ever since. Lopaka introduces surfing to his people. Beneath the surrounding ocean lies Quetzo, a sunken Millhouse island now home to many sea creatures. Dolores – Dexter’s sister. Kim gets a robotic shark but loses the remote to Dexter. Dexter takes all seven crystals from Flipper and delivers them to Troy.

Dexter challenges Flipper’s team to a Finball match. Simon takes Puffy away. His barefoot niece, 18 or so year-old Kim has come to assist him, and also gain pirating experience. Unable to talk Troy out of her sacrificial experiment, Spike does instead. Dexter takes the opportunity to star in movie by kidnapping the director, but Lopaka and Flipper come to his rescue. Flipper – Lopaka’s best friend, Flipper is a quick-witted, agile, loyal and friendly bottlenose dolphin , whose parents are the rulers of Quetzo. Dexter tries to put a stop to the surfing, an incoming waterspout puts Iloka in danger. Nola – A young Polynesian girl wears a simple Yellow dress and a leg bracelet around her right foot.

Flipper and Lopaka Season 2 Episode 11 Terrible Titan of Tabu

flippfr Dexter accidentally swallows the crystal. With help from Troy’s submarine, Flipper gets his throne back. Flipper has a light blue underbelly, with a darker blue back. While Spike is going on a treasure hunt event, Flipper eplsode Dexter to drive Troy away from Quetzo so Franny the manatee can safely give birth, but then Lopaka has to come to Troy’s rescue. She is good hearted and her son, Spike, is friends with Lopaka and is surprised the Milihune can get along without 20th century essentials.

Lopaka sustains injuries ad is marooned with Bermana on a sand bar. In another time period they have sink the statue again when Captain Redbeard gets hold of it.

After a terrible tempest storm Flipper has to rescue Inky, who was captured by vampire fish. Underneath his nefarious outlook, when faced with danger he becomes very scared and cowardly. Hoping to earn a reputation, Dexter traps Lopaka to stage a rescue. Dolores – Dexter’s sister. Lopaka rescues Flipper, who manages to convince Storm, that Dexter used him to conquer Quetzo.


He likes to praise himself for his ‘excellence’, however isn’t the brightest sea creature around. Bolo’s bluff about the Milehouni having the trident, gets Barnacle to kidnap Chief Kapuna. Lopaka rescues the sea dragon and her baby and has Dexter takes their place.

He is accident prone, and will commit piracy, but he is really a gentle giant. No matter how many times Flipper saves his life, Dexter will always make lopqka a new plan to try and destroy him. Lopaka warns Illoka of an incoming tsunami. Kim gets a robotic shark but loses the remote to Dexter.

Eisode fever has affected Chief Kapuna and Lopaka goes with Flipper to acquire the cure from Dexter’s grotto. Dexter steers Troy to Quetzo, so he can steal Flipper’s throne. Dexter starts his own campaign to run for mayor of Quetzo, but needs a wife to accomplish it, but Flipper saves Dexter from marrying a beguiling jellyfish.

Flipper meets a white whale and her calf who are hiding from an exploration ship. The killer flipperr Orci returns to Quetzo to settle a score with Flipper, but the dolphin is able to negotiate a peace with him. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Dexter takes the opportunity to star in movie by kidnapping the director, but Lopaka and Flipper come to his rescue. Dexter relocates to Tabu Island, where a scientist named Troy arrives to study Quetzo, Flipper rescuing her from Dexter.

Flipper convinces Jeffrey to allow him to remain free.

Flipper S03e28 Flipper’s New Friends Part 2 – video dailymotion

They are pirates under the guise of filmmakers. Goose, Troy’s off-beat assistant is a young man of few words; every time he speaks, he does so with an accent. This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat Sylvia Rothblum Season 2.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He is bright green, with a devious and sharp mind.

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While Lopaka is looking for a gift for Nola’s epksode, he goes with Flipper to liberate pearls that Dexter stole. Professor Troy, Spike and Goose – Professor Troy is a talented scientist who wants to find out the history loapka Quetso and Illoka, and the reason that it sank.


Dexter captures Flipper’s father. Kim is an eager pirate, and is the technical lopak of the ship. Dexter gets hold of some dynamite from the pirates. However Bunty is around on another island. Troy captures a rare sea dragon and Dexter takes a sea dragon egg.

After Flipper and Lopaka drop the statue into the black abyss freeing Quetzo and Illoka from the curses. Barnacle retrieves the space junk, but his rival Slapbeard takes it and captures Kim and Lopaka, but the dolphins summon the coast guard.

Flipper 1964 S03e28 Flipper’s New Friends Part 2

Ultra – Ultra is a pink dolphin, who was taken from her parents as a baby. Tired from his chores, Bolo decides to make a run for it. The Milehouni create a fake trident for Kapuna’s release. Use dmy dates from October Use Australian English from October All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references Pages using infobox television with editor parameter TV.

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Foipper the Milahouni and the dolphins thwart Dexter’s plan and dispose of the dynamite. Dexter steals from Troy an ancient key to unlock a chamber in Quetzo and accidentally triggers a staff to resurrect a dinosaur. He is deceiving, manipulative, and acts as the main antagonist to the story. When that fails, he uses the sun’s eclipse to his advantage.

Ottie is the only one of the three who episove go on land, making him a valuable asset when Lopaka isn’t around to help. Some sawtooth sharks and their big partner Fang invade Quetzo, until Flipper convinces Fang, his partners are not his friends.

The Milehouni make it to safety, but Dexter gets caught in the waterspout.