I’m struggling to see why that is even comedy? Search for ” 2-D Blacktop ” on Amazon. Wasn’t blown away by the episode but there were a few laughs. Mr Snrub on The last bit felt a bit rushed but The main character go somewhere, and the locals want to kill them just a few minutes later. It was good enough. Dorsal Axe Bending Unit.

Well, they certainly got gutsy and chose a daring path for the opener. I’ll chime in later with a full review though. The entire tone and pace of the episode alter so much after these characters enter the second dimension that I feel like I’m watching a completely different episode, and that becomes a damper when you still have to consider everything else that leads up to this point. I liked the “paper cut” gag with H. Maybe they couldn’t think enough jokes? The Professor becoming a street racer was kind of amusing sometimes and other times felt a little weird and random, especially him hanging with all those young guys for no reason. I enjoyed the rest of the segment, though.

The saved time by letting her tell her story a few times less could have been used for cop chase scenes – The short stay in the 2D world was okay for me.

I liked the crash test dummy creatures.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview: It looks great, but doesn’t feel necessary to either of the plots. Box Incorporated Bending Unit. Futurama comcis 67 is better than this episode! Beside that, here are a few things I enjoyed from the episode I’ll just say that I didn’t hate them, I just found them completely pointless and unfunny.

I just finished naming her! But for a more adequate structure they should have devoted the first act to the professor and Leela’s plots and the rest of the episode to the 2D stuff. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.


That being said, while I enjoyed it, I didn’t really laugh much at all during it. Add the first question.

2-D Blacktop – Season 7 – Futurama – PixaClub

It all futufama very fast. You’re already handed a plentifully complicated premise with Farnsworth abandoning Planet Express and Leela replacing him as CEO, but now you focus a few minutes on yet another high premise that should’ve been its own episode? Zoidberg makes a few hilarious jokes, as usual, and waatch visuals are fun to look at, but like I stated before, this would have been far better had it been separated into two separate full-length episodes rather than a single episode in which far too much happens without any of it sinking in.

Professor in full on street punk mode was by wqtch the most amusing thing in the whole episode. It did feel a bit rushed tough Yet, after it settled in a bit- it had a onlinee something. And Zoidbergs quips “Don’t do this, its too exciting! She just feels better because her father calls her? Also when Leela went totally mom. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is expressly prohibited.

Overall, I would give this a 6.

Started decent, then went way downhill. The new characters were good and so were the references, and I applaud the writers, as they seemed to break their mold a bit with the 2-D world. Ironically enough, the highlights of this episode are the driving sequences. I agree with MYK in saying this was a pretty gutsy episode to be chosen to open the “season” with.

Aside from Scruffy’s spinal injury Fucking awful gag BTW this episode was pretty damn good not to mention visually impressive. I tried posting a poll, but the glitchy forum won’t let me.

I didn’t finish watching it online because it stopped with like two minutes left for some reason, and I couldn’t get it to keep playing. I liked the “paper cut” gag with H. The whole 2-D dimension part did feel a little rushed, but overall I loved it.


Futurama – S 7 E 14 – 2-D Blacktop

Jarvio on I can’t picture that! Some decent gags though, even though the fuhurama got derailed with a gimmick, it was at least somewhat interesting.

This entire 3rd act just feels off and completely different from the rest of the episode, with Farnsworth studying the 2nd dimension a bit, finding a 2 dimensional kingdom of. That made me happy. As well as his photo a BTTF nodand overall wacky plan to save things was great. The Speed Racer reference, the safe ship, soccer mom Leela and, for the most part, the gang, were all funny.

Not finished watching the episode but I just want to express my love of the line, “Guess it’s your lucky day Pimparoo”. I would need to watch a second time to fully review Really though, as much as I liked the episode, can somebody tell me what’s so funny about the verbal abuse ‘gag’? MYK on We understood you got into racing due to emotional problems the first three dozen times you mentioned it. I’m struggling to see why that is even comedy?

Sorry if this sounds harsh, I don’t mean to pick on you or anyone else, just wondering if I’ve missed something about that joke that’s all Most of the jokes worked except for the terrible Verbal Abuse jokes those were really bad it felt like jokes out of the simpsons. It isn’t brilliant, but it is good.