Cho Lam runs a restaurant with Stephanie. I also assume that the purported family wealth was accumulated due to close connections with the Manchu ruling class , she would get a free pass on her conduct. You are commenting using your WordPress. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Nancy had a miscarriage. Cho Lam prepared a food named Manchu and Hans unity for the majesty. Ruco lost the stock.

You are very welcome! In the woods, during the night, Yinsi asked Cho Lam to help him overthrow Yongzheng. In real life, people also needs good networking skills too. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Funimatsu wants to compete with Cho Lam and Stephanie again. You can tell how much he loves Nancy since he is willing to switch his eyes for her when Nancy is blind. Agree that this drama feels more realistic among the other Qing Dynasty dramas but the most problem is it is not based on the history.

Yonzheng saw how Joey decipher the message. Dreams by Jacky Cho.

It features realistic, rational schemes, beautiful costumes and ample of character development! Email required Address never made public. Cho Lam woke up, then Yongzheng fainted. Joey asked Yongzheng to promise her to be a good emperor.

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The bodyguard told Yongzheng he found out that Yinsi is still alive hiding somewhere. Joey told Yongzheng to find the jade pendant for her. An Ning slapped Bai Yun Fei. Yintang suggests Kangxi to kill Yinreng to stop the rebellion.

Cho Lam, Stephanie, Nancy, and May ran chopsticos from the guards and the men. The guards prevent Yongzheng from visiting Kangxi. Kangxi asked Yinsi wh would he nominate as the crown prince.


Ruco had an affair with Fabio.

Louis told Joey that he wished he could be alone like her since there are scheming between the princes in the palace. I was surprised that he fits his role. Yongzheng gave the sword from his great grandfather to Captain Nian. Cho Lam decided to leave the palace. Skip to content March 14, jnewin. Yongzheng asked Cho Lam to put an act for him. You can tell how much he loves Nancy since he gilxed willing to switch his eyes for her when Nancy is blind. Bob got to be the head chef.

Yinsi punched Yonzheng and ran when the guards arrived. This drama is more of an adventure drama that have some historical figure in it. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Yinsi ordered Longkodo to arrest the magistrates. Qi Fei was the mother of the third prince, Hong Shi Hong Li was a child of a lowly palace maid who got raped by YInzhen when he was drunk.

Vincent, who is arrogant and brash, organizes a boxing tournament as a cover for hackers to come to Hong Kong. The king thought about being innovative and announced Cho Lam as the winner.

Louis kicked Bob and asked Cho Lam to meet him. Stephanie asked Cho Lam to tell her those three words. Cho Lam has no idea of her 32. Stephanie asked Funimatsu if he dares eating his fish. Skip to content March 27, March 27, jnewin.


Longkodo killed Yongzheng tecap.

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Skip to content October 30, October 30, jnewin. In fact, at the beginning of the Qing dynasty, they would have been seen as mere servants of the ruling Manchu class. After hearing from May that Nancy has been kneeling the whole day, Cho Lam came and kneel wit hher. He was a good friend of Cho Lam.

Yopngzheng gave Cho Lam a bag of money and wish him luck before he lives. Not sure if it was an act that the body guard did catastrate Cho Lam. The only rule is to Be Nice! You are commenting using your WordPress. He has neglected Bai Yun Fei. Bob bullied Cho Lam.

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Internally, he doesn’t know whether any of his three wives are spies. Stephanie told Nancy she disguised into a male to enter the palace to find he Five Taste Master. The only rule is to Be Nice! Thanks for the recap.

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Ultimately, a battle for hegemony unfolds, with shells flying and dilemmas between friends. Fabio indirectly tells Ruco that she likes him. Anyway, several scenes like this one shown above demonstrate the customs ggilded social expectations of the time. Yinsi and the princes plan to put Kangxi under house arrest.