I loved CJH – I’ve seen him in other stuff, but he really stood out in this role! I thought he’s going to die on episode 2. Lee Da Hae No Kim tae hee zehzeh Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. And “butthurt” applies more to you I guess. With his powers he gathers together twigs, leaves, and other bits of nature and sends them shooting at the invaders in a mighty whirl of wind and sound. LK April 9, at 1: Lamar March 3, at 3:

So what options do you have either apply for another form of revenue you may be able to get approved much easier or simply stop working on that site and start another project. I guess that’s one major loophole lawl So Dam Pyung-joon takes a contingent of soldiers into the woods, led by the henchmen. I thought he’s going to die on episode 2. Sooo busy with classes Just wanna share this out in this thread. CaroleMcDonnell April 9, at 4: I thought there should be more explanations as to why certain episodes happened, there just don’t seem to be ‘beefed up’ enough? As for the OST, I think it fits for the most part except for the ballad, which is only jarring because it’s in English and I have to tune it out.

Aigoo April 9, at 6: Episodes by odilettante. Maru also sentenced for how many years only at the start guzzlyady the drama I guess that’s one major loophole lawl Then again i had low expectations for her considering the critique about her meh acting. I guess their won’t be any sweet uncles or old maidservants to find him when he’s grown up.

Nice guy ep 16 Eng sub FULL with subtitles | Amara

I feel like this dramaa is going to be a lot of fun minus the raping and murdering. So what options do you have either apply for another form of revenue you may be able to get approved much easier or simply stop working on that site and start another project. He reminds me so much of Kim Woo Bin. There were definitely those beautiful moments. I can at least get properly invested in her character, though the one who really fascinates me guzzglady Soo-ryun, her whole life is basically a round of poker and I definitely think she’ll be an ally to Seo-hwa when the time comes help her hide Kang-chi perhaps?


Suddenly Seo-hwa is korewn by enchanted lights. On the other hand, there seems to be subtle layers in the secondary characters like Soo-hyun—she starts off as this stone-cold bitch who has no problems with shaming and abusing people, but I like the glimpses of inner conflict we see. Just finished gguzzylady the first episode! How are you feeling about the OST?

But Seo-hwa has no intention of surviving, because she takes out that hairpin. Nevertheless, while i have a thing against us having to like Seo Hwa simply because she is a noble lady in distress, I’ll play along.

Are they goblin lights?

She is an engaging character and the Magistrate was one lucky guy even if it dramma on his nerves to be so lucky! From his vantage point at the edge of the forest, he breaks into a wide grin to watch the festivities in the distance, where an elegant gisaeng commands the attention of the fete with a drum performance.

The snake, for example.

Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. The directing and camera work were beautiful to watch, and the story was told in a dramatic and entertaining way.

Good to see u here too. If both are good then cable wins from now on and I’ll be setting my expectations lower for dramas from the big 3. How I wish there’s a twist that Dam is actually alive and she will be Head Gisaeng’s right hand. Desperate, she grabs a sharp hairpin and readies to stab herself with it.

But her extreme silence was bothering me. Your email address will not be published. The jig is up, or it should be, but Soo-ryun chooses to keep the escape quiet.


It’s a humour post, so move on and get over it. I feel wrung out. She has been getting a lot of negative publicity lately so this is very good for her. Did anyone wonder why Seo Hwa didn’t just slip off the ropes that were tied to her? If you have not read my previous comments, do not judge. With the search party hot on their heels, Seo-hwa struggles to keep up with her brother, already weakened from her ordeal.

Mama J April 9, at 3: Really beautiful people about to make a beautiful baby. Ace April 8, at 9: I am digging the parents love story kroean lot. So Soo-ryun orders her servant to strip Seo-hwa; nothing like some good-old-fashioned shame to knock that chip off her shoulder. Good Lord he looks and sounds delicious. She grows more and more exhausted, and he grows increasingly upset by her plight.

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But then again the only drama that I watched her in was Big, so maybe I need to watch her in Dream High to become a fan. They wouldn’t be as cruel to Seunggi as they were to his parents would they And standing there to catch her is Wol-ryung. My utter hatred for Rat Bastard is completely sealed, though. Arang was such a good srama Glad to see you’re tuning in, for Lee seung gi, I presume? I love the Arang and the Magistrate reference because I adored that drama despite it flying under the radar.

I am invested in the story of the parents, even though I know that it is just one small aspect of the larger story. Now on Youtube’s Guzzylady episode 18 arc