It has an instant death chance. Yet another upgrade for Attack Mode! Use the magical pocket from pvp: Hello, does anyone notice HOW hard kaiser is? Final Form Supportive Transforms into the true Kaiser. No it doesnt sound good if they actually tradeblock the right people, instead they tradeblocked the wrong, innocent people. Activating the skill while Kaisers are summoned re-summons them at your location.

Inner Blaze MAX 8. It increases crit chance, damage, speed, weapon speed, ability to teleport, boosts Dragon Slash and Will of Sword, AND grants you ability to ignore monster buffs like reflect! Flame Surge Combo Combo Keys: Some skills works better in certain area use Dragon Barrage for flat lands, Blade Burst for multiple platforms depending on your training area. If used after a specific number of Dragon Slashes, a skill will be activated. Next, we max the other skill which we didn’t do. No, Kaiser cannot receive link skills from any non-Novan class so for right now, he can only get Angelic Burster’s link skill but he can give his links skills to anyone else.

Its not the best, but Kaiser doesn’t naturally have max speed so its ok if there is nothing else that is better. As for your morph gauge question, it doesn’t fill up very quick. Next up you have choice. Appreciate if you can explain it to me? A weapon of your specific job. It is your judgement on what would be more beneficial. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Inner Blaze MAX 8. Ayumi i downloaded the hackshield update that u told me zkill download, i launched the game and then i got this error 0xffff This is an error that occurs ekill there is an unknwon porblem.


Help him and his son, Gold Richie Junior, to start their resort business and he may reward you!. He heard that Maplers are joining forces with Pantheon to defeat him. The tornado only attacks nearby enemy within its path and will disappear after 10 seconds or after hitting 40 times or moving a certain distance.

Attack Mode 3rd Enhancement: Thanks Mano for the notice.

MapleStory Guide: Kaiser: Protector of the Dragons

Pressure Chain Boost Final Damage: Hello, does anyone notice HOW hard kaiser is? It will just move you and use attack: Can Kaisers fly 0. Gigas Wave — Bonus Attack Passive 3. Increases physical and magical defense, accuracy and MaxHP in this mode. Level 20 required to learn Dragon Slash I.

MapleStory Guide: Kaiser: Protector of the Dragons – Bobby Buckets NBA Live Mobile

The full process takes about a year. Transfiguration Passive Fill up your Morph Gauge in battle to transform into a more powerful being.

Bonus stages will be unlocked if the party manages to fulfil certain criteria while clearing this party quest. Skill enhancers Kaiser only: Adds temporary invincibility during Teleport, but cancels damage you can inflict with Teleport Mastery.

This time you get 5 sword instead of 3. We have a ton of leftover SP now which is totally pointless.

Hyper Max Magic Point: Manually using the skills requires you to use Dragon Slash, the command skill, and arrow keys. Hi Ayumilove, just a little quick question. Kaisers don’t even use Demon Force. That is why I sometimes have you save the SP seasonn tell you to use it later on.


Ayumilove, will Kaiser be available in the USA soon? Some of the zones in future Henesys has become a party zone. It transforms you into the dragon when your Morph Gauge is full.

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Green General Cap 2. Great guide; But I have sdason question: Kaiser Kaiser the dragon warrior, friend of Angelic Buster, has reborn. Maple Admin recently had found some extra kaiaer and decided to give it to those newly created Kaiser, Luminous and Angelic Buster.

Blaze On MAX 5. Highest Total Damange dealt to Magnus in a single round. Just read the second word of the move. Kaiser 2nd Job Skill Build: I finished the fourth job build. This class just got even more awesome….

MapleStory Kaiser Skill Build Guide

More Strength and Max HP. He uses two handed swords, and has a secondary weapon called the dragon soul. I have corrected the skill name Chain Pulling skill name to Pressure Chain. I want to ask you about the Petrified skill.