She gives in and walks away. Lyn declares victory for the women, and wants to claim their prize. Toadie is annoyed that the women don’t have to give anything up if they lose, so suggest they have to keep quiet for 24 hours. She promises to be home by seven, as Michael gets a text to say they’ve won the calendar comp, and are keeping the shed. Callum leaves a note on the sofa to his dad and Sonya and leaves. Toadie goes back to bed.

We’re never gonna get our beer back. They try to leave without paying, and deliberately wind Kate up when she mimes that she wants their cash before they leave. Add the first question. What if he was dreaming about his mum? When Toadie is no help, he turns to Paul who sets up a secret rendezvous with Sonya. Meanwhile, Kate helps Kyle plan and save for his handyman business.

She’s frustrated that the men got the shed, and is horrified to learn that she can’t speak for 24 hours.

Harold’s Cal leaves a message on Sophie’s phone for her to call him. Michael Williams Valentina Novakovic There’s neighoburs spare key at Lucas’ place. Peter DickReg Watson creator. Toadie’s going to take the stuff to the shed, and Callum doesn’t want to go.

Chris goes epsode get drinks, whilst Tash goad Summer about how lovely Chris is, and how wonderful it is that he’s the only person who understands what she’s going through. Tash says that she’s not trying to steal Chris, she’s just lonely with no- one to talk to.

Home and Away | Episode 6130 | 12th February 2015

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Tash sets about mending her severed friendships with Summer and Andrew.


Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Ramsay Street Outside number 30, Callum and Toadie are putting stuff in the car for the men’s shed in celebration that it’s still theirs.

So she’d better get an early night.

Callum Jones Eve Morey Royal Weddings and frilly cushions. Watch our trailer of trailers.

Home and Away | Episode | 12th February – video dailymotion

With her new, positive attitude, she strolls into Harold’s Store and runs straight into her old pal, Toadie, who has never needed a friend with a sympathetic ear more than now. Toadfish Rebecchi Morgan Baker Delighting neighbous her new- found friendship, she starts bagging Summer, so Chris calls her on it. Sonya Mitchell Stefan Dennis And whilst they’re bantering, Callum hides some receipts in his pockets, and announces that the men have won. Lucas gives in and orders a beer. Someone didn’t get the memo Toadie concedes and Callum walks back into the house Toadie doesn’t believe it, but Cal covers and says since he got a detention he obviously does need to catch up.

They don’t, so he sticks the TV on. Episdoe do some homework with Sophie. Meanwhile, Callum seeks Dr Karl’s professional opinion regarding his nightmares. Jade banters about winning with Toadie, and she reminds them neigbhours if the men lose they have to give up the shed. He says he needs to stick around. As Karl and Lucas leave, Callum asks to speak to Karl in private.

When Toadie is no help, he turns to Paul who sets up a secret rendezvous with Sonya. They try to leave without paying, and deliberately wind Kate up when she elisode that she wants their cash before they leave. Meanwhile, Kyle turns to Jade for some quick cash. Meanwhile, Jade becomes frustrated with Lucas and Kyle’s goofball antics. Number 30 Cut to next morning where Callum is creeping around with a rucksack, getting ready to leave.


Toadie goes back to bed. His dad walks in and he wakes up, claiming he was just off to Sophie’s. He comes up with a much more drastic plan to uncover the truth. I left it in there He gets through, and tells her that he needs her help at tomorrow. Summer arrives and apologises to Chris for her behaviour earlier in the week. Lyn demands to know if there are any more receipts.

An extra scene was inserted into episode broadcast in UK, to commerate the Royal Wedding on 29th April Cal readily agrees and goes back to his room, sad. Cut to moments later where the drinks are on the table and Chris demands to know what’s going on. Edit Storyline Chris gets Summer and Tash, who both crave his friendship, to stop plotting each another, but they bicker on whenever he turns his back.

Toadie wants to stay at home and talk episod Callum’s school detention, but Cal points out that Lyn is doing the counting. Tash is annoyed to learn from Chris that Summer just called and will be joining them. She admits that she can’t blame Summer for being suspicious.

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