Chris comes in, and asks Kyle if he’s excluding Kate from the exhibition because he feels weird about spending so much time with her. The deal is that she performs solo or not at all. Kate says Sheila must have got her wires crossed, but she won’t be very good company at the moment. Unsure as to whether he’s seen the sketch though it transpires he hasn’t , Lauren asks what happened to the Mount Isa house picture; Matt explains they needed the frame for the exhibition, but that they’ll get it back. Lassiter’s reception Later, Paul is watching the video on his laptop, and speaking to Tim Collins on the phone. He says he asked her a lot of tough questions. Alan Hopgood Margaret Leeds: Of course not; don’t be ridiculous.

Remy Hii Marty Kranic: Nothing against you, of course. Damian De Montemas Snr Const. She asks him about Izzy. Susan points out that Georgia is a star in the making, and she’s got the world ahead of her. Grant Hanrahan Customer 2:

Charlie’s Susan and a jet – lagged Karl are having coffee. Alan Hopgood Margaret Leeds: She asks him about Izzy. Vanessa tells her it’s nothing fancy and just to bring herself. Tomorrow on Neighbours – Lou thinks Sheila is interested in him because of what she wrote on his blog. She replies that she has to get used 67709 it at some point. I have a brand? Terese says it sounds like Imogen’s a normal teenager. Mason has another flashback to Robbo blackmailing him over the video of Amber, and looks worried.

Thanks for helping my wife; I can take it from here. Seriously, all you’ve done since I walked through this door is whinge. She says she can’t do it if it means hurting someone.


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You’re not considering doing that, are you? Scarlett Anderson Baby Nell: No 26 Sheila assures Kate neigghbours Vanessa will understand. Mason asks if Robbo will go to jail; Matt can’t promise that, but says he’s proud of how Mason’s handled the situation.

Georgia asks Paul if she can still play with TRP if she signs with him. Remy Hii Snr Const. He points out that an angry parent is better than a teenager with an eating disorder.

Vanessa and Sheila sit down, leaving Terese and Lauren in the kitchen area. Damian De Montemas Hudson 66709 Susan then tells him that she spoke to mother of her student and she made a mess of it. Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. He is enthusiastic about the next gig, and tells her how catchy her song is, and how he has worked out how to do it as a duet.

Maya Aleksandra Patrick Villante: Terese tells her to go. The deal is that she performs solo or not at all. Moreover, she tells her she doesn’t need to be involved with the exhibition at all now Georgia’s home, as there’s not enough for three people to do.

He goes in to kiss her, but she stops him, saying she knows it’s been a whilebut it just feels too soon. She worries that she might be wrong. No 26 Kate tells Sheila she was never obsessed with babies before so she can’t understand why she can’t let it go.

All I want you to do is keep Robbo on – side, make him believe you are trying to get the money for him. She admits Matt doesn’t know about the portrait, and doesn’t want him to stumble across it. We learn Matt has a history of jealousy, and that he moved butcher’s in Mount Isa after he learned the proprietor was slipping Lauren extra lamb cutlets!


Brad comes in and, seeing Matt, quickly defends himself, saying he’s only here for coffee. Darius Perkins Baby Patrick: But Paul says Robbo won’t be a problem anymore by the time he’s through with him. Paul comes to talk to Hudson about the sponsorship, but notices the video, and does his intrigued face, admitting she’s very good.

Lauren says teenagers always hide things. She’s made mistakes, but she loves Holly and wants to be a better mum. Aaron Jakubenko Elsie Young: He kisses Kate goodbye.

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Maybe he’s one of those creepy bosses who likes to be friends with his employees. Aaron Jakubenko Baby Nell: Hope Grandpa doesn’t bust a hip trying to keep up! Short of sifting through the rubbish. It’s all very awkward so she runs off to retrieve the sketch. Brad turns up he left his sunglasses here last night and is amused to find Lauren rifling through the bins.

Paul promises to talk about it when Ajay returns. Susan leaves and Terese scowls.