Jerome Moves to SS Opposites, Sizes, and Similarites Slimey’s Sister is Born missing several segments, but all scenes are there Prairie Wants to Play the Piano for Maria Los Pleneros Visit cold open missing Letter “Z” Quits the Alphabet Telly and the Dogs Preston Rabbit Comes to SS last 4 min.

Here you go http: RAR file, so whoever wants them, just ask and i’ll give you a download. Telly and the Mysterious “X” no EW New Friends 3rd Season Premiere Snuffy Walks Barkley The Home Game Telly Watches Wolfgang the Seal Theme missing; a few seconds missing at the beginning of the first scene Telly Stands Still

Gabi and Miles Graduate from High School Uncle Wally comes to visit Season 18 Neros UrameshiSep 28, The Mayor Visits Sesame Street Big Bird Moves Seed Alice Asks Questions Friday episode; first 30 minutes missing It’s been a long couple of years!

Preston Rabbit Comes to SS last 4 min. Nighttime on Sesame Street re-air of BB and Snuffy Mail a letter starts late halfway through first scene Oscar Bakes a Cake MuppetDudeOct 18, The Game Game Decorating the Baby’s Room beginning of first scene and theme missing The Worm World Music Festival 20 DePingPongJan 11, Baby Bear and Goldilocks at Day Care Telly Tracks Down Polly Darton Baby Bear Learns to Count Backwards Big Bad Wolf’s Sesamme Leonard The Story of Cindertelly first 12 min.


Blecka Goes to Day Atreet PBS Sprout Episodes The BB Show Elmo and Zoe’s Loulouputty Adventure some tracking issues Susan writes a letter to her Parents PBS Price’s Original Invention Stevie Wonder Visits Sesame Street Handford Visits steet Dentist Nobel Price “Discovers” Gravity Please leave me a message in my mailbox here as soon as you get the chance.

Love Birds at Birdland first 9 min.

The SS Sign is Missing Gabi Babysits Closinb Hawaii, Day 2 Martians Explore SS Forgetful Jones Remembers Things Olivia’s Date with Bernie Big Bird and Snuffy play Cowboys: The Brothers and Sisters Game pledge episode You are viewing our forum as a guest. Penguin Party at the Furry Arms