Then they are called for a mission to investigate strange occurrences in Dubai , involving buildings and other structures breaking down. In the ranch, the four Spiez finally meet the original Spies: The Clark family wins a free cruise on a luxury liner. Jimmy is a spoof of Yugi from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tony gets captured by the villain and the older ones have to save him. This marks the last episode of ” The Amazing Spiez! The Spiez discover she is trying to combine her DNA with plants, but this poses no threats as Brathwaite has no money to fund her research.

Lee, Marc and Tony are called by Jerry and told that someone has hacked into the system. She brags about being a great actress. Characters Episodes The Amazing Spiez! She now plans to eliminate the Spiez. Also, Mel first appeared in Mission No. Mandy” from Totally Spies! Use dmy dates from September

In the B-story Tony wants to be stronger and taller. Brathwaite, to see if she is up to her old tricks. In the B-story, Lee gets a job at Siber Smoothie and has to create his own smoothie. In the B-story, Marc gets a crush on a girl classmate.

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This mission is numbered the same as “Nano Spiez! In the end, the affair turns out to be a setup by Jerry to have the Spiez work together again. When the other three Spiez are on the mission, they find out that whoever touches the cards gets the power of the character in it. The Clark boys round up a villain, but they do not let Megan help. This is supposedly where season 2 takes off. Use dmy dates from September The amazng has a resemblance to the granny but is not her.

Chameleon Leon 2 Note: They get out Lee And Tony of the vases and defeat the plants.


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His school has always placed last in the competition, so he gets back eisode attacking other schools and turning his athletes aggressive so they can win. Also, first time we see all the Clarks as evil.

The Spiez save their parents and stop the ship from crashing into an oil rig. They find that the phenomena are artificial, and have been caused by the xmazing escaped villain, the Granny.

The villain resembles the male version of Muffy Peprich. Tony gets captured by the villain and the older ones have to save him.

Megan is attacked by a Tami Doll, but her brothers refuse to believe her until they find out that the stolen microchip was in the doll.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Someone uses a ray gun to change hi-tech modern things into ancient low-tech things. In the B-story, Tony wants to join the choir. The villain is now after eoisode Spiez and tries to use their parents to eliminate them.

When they return home the boys are taken camping, leaving Megan behind. Amaizng decides to go through a different series of hairstyles in hopes of finding one that will suit him. The robot and Tommy go on a rampage in the city. The Spiez are sent to investigate and discover that a girl named Kat is behind it all.

Retrieved 29 September Feeling left out, she hacks into the open case files at WOOHP and finds a case to solve, trying to prove she is just as good as the episodd. Megan wants to impress the basketball team captain by performing in a talent show. Super Spy Flakes” [1]. Lee, Megan and Tony cause a distraction so Marc can escape and contact Jerry. Megan complains about their outdated suits and gets spirz try a new prototype suit.

Views Read Edit View history. An asteroid from outer space hits a space pod containing a super-villain, Alpha, who then lands on Earth.


The Spiez visit the abandoned island which used to be WOOHP’s supercomputer site and end up falling for many hidden traps. Soon, they are led to an Animal Rescue warehouse and find out that the creatures are half-human and half-animal because their DNA was combined. The public saw him stop Slick Mick and start to call him “Yo-yo Boy”.

The Spiez return to Brathwaite’s house to overhear that she has made Granny young again. She brags about being a great actress.

Megan and Davey shrink back to their normal sizes and Megan is past her crush on Paul, only to find he dates short girls aamazing now wants to be shorter.

When a few disappearances occur, the Spiez investigate. In the B-story Lee stops being a father-like brother, and Tony chooses to be a waterboy when he did not make it on any team. The landing crash pad chair gets replaced by a pink bean bag chair.

To keep an eye on him, the Spiez are invited to be in his Spy show, with the guidance of their parents who think they won a contest. A microchip is stolen from a lab and the Spiez are sent to investigate.

Noel’s Last Stand” [2]. In the B-story, a girl named Terra Prefontaine is beating all of Lee’s school records.

Strange occurrences happen in the museum during the Spiez’ field trip. The Spiez are sent to protect a famous TV spy actor from various incidents. Chauncy and his plants Note: