I prepared for one and a half year before I sat for the prelims. Or a person who favoured the combined study approach? I am planing to give prelims. You scored very food in your optionals. This will minimise the time needed to do wrap up the daily newspaper. And the preparation strategy for prelims and mains was not isolated from each other. The interview went for around 25 minutes. What preference in services have you opted for?

It is not mandatory to join coaching for GS to get through the exam. Process and Time period: I was again a hosteler in the Hindu College Hostel. What are the government reports that aspirants should go through, before giving Mains Exam? So, I think coachings helped me. More and more mocks will make one aware of the silly mistakes one makes while attempting the question paper. Also, the will to be able to service the society and nation in some constructive way kept me going on. Will it be helpful?

Complete dedication towards the exam for over a year has made the dream come true. To find out zeries, including how to control cookies, see here: Now, while waiting for the final results, let me express my wholehearted gratitude to you as ClearIAS was the first UPSC preparation app I downloaded on my phone and I needed no other online help after that. The Interview was far better than my expectations and totally different from the mock interviews. Thank you so much ClearIAS for all your support and guidance throughout the journey.

Can you elaborate a bit on the things mentioned in your DAF Detailed Application Form like your hobbies, extracurricular activities or prizes won: Also, the will to be able to service the society and nation in some constructive way kept me going on.


Vice Air Marshal A. Would you please give me any advice to study science and Geography portion. Family, School, College, Work etc. Wishing you, all the very best in career and life. Do not spend a lot of time on a particular question as you can always come back after finishing the easy ones In the first go, I attempted only the questions which I was very sure of. At a time when lot many candidates from top institutes like IIT, IIM or AIIMs appearing this exam, is there any matter of worry for other candidates from state colleges or those without work experience?

How many hours did you devote for newspapers?

Will I caught off guard if I went for the znd without a background in the subjects? The amicable behaviour of the board members and chairman made it look very easy. However before joining, please consult some selected candidates who took these subjects and who may have studied at these institutes. I was confident that I would succeed in this exam but making it in the first attempt itself was, frankly speaking, a distant dream.


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What do you think of as the main reason for your success? Model answers are provided to the students during such discussions and such model answers are also sent to the students taking postal test series.

We like to express our heartiest congratulations once again for this grand success. Remain dedicated towards your goal but at the same time keep yourself refreshed with help of what you love doing in your leisure time such as games and sports, music etc. However one cannot spend so vajirm time so that the optionals are not given due justice.


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This, no doubt, indicates towards the increasing competition. I am planing to give prelims. It is very detailed and informative It will definitely help us.

Your blog was really insightful. Though I have also heard that the mains syllabus may change completely in a coming couple of years by removing optional subjects completely and making certain subjects like pub ad, eco, international affairs, etc.

UPSC Previous Papers – Vajiram and Ravi

There is also an institute of Mr. But with time, the newspaper reading efficiency increased and it took around One and a half hour to do seeries newspaper. So to keep the interest alive in the preparations, one is advised to develop some hobbies also.

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I have found that vajjiram notes is really good. It was a dream come true as the hard work I invested in the last one and a half year had paid off. What were your writing style in GS tezt optional subject? You can contribute to the society via both the paths, but its your call at the end of the day which matters.

ClearIAS website and app has helped me a lot in keeping myself updated with quality material for this 2011. If yes pls share the link Thanks.

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