Archived from the original on 18 January Although it’s not called that any more. The school and the street were some of the first sets to be seen and used by the characters within the show. Commercial break later and Mason calls Robbo on his new number. Retrieved 18 December Retrieved 15 July He talks about what is in place at his firm so she comes straight out and asks him about making an indecent proposal to Priya!

He warns his son to toe the company line or he will be replaced. All you need to know”. Number 28 Priya calls round to give Susan an update and tells her that based on what Rani told her, she called Mrs O’Loughlin and she didn’t seem surprised at what Priya told her. The production staff worked with the Australia Post to create the store, which was an official registered Post Office. Retrieved 1 January Lucas Fitzgerald and Vanessa Villante return in new trailer”.

Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. 696 set features a corridor, a stairwell, an office and a classroom. Cheryl renamed the pub Chez Chez and it became an independent business. Here are the storylines that made him a legend”.

A new mezzanine level, which contains a dining area, was added to the hotel. Paul also murders villain, Gus Cleary Ben Barrack in the pub.


It has also doubled as a law firm reception and a funeral home. Tyler and Piper are caught together, plus Madison’s article sends shockwaves through Ramsay Street”. The firm is renamed Rebecchi Legal in and Toadfish remains the only employee. Archived from the original on 25 May Retrieved 16 October Retrieved 18 October Retrieved 1 January Retrieved 7 July Retrieved 10 September Hachette Filipacchi UK Lucas Fitzgerald and Vanessa Villante return in new trailer”.

I think I know when someone’s telling aatch truth.

Shortland Street 6596 Episode 10th October 2018

Sue Hore 7 January All the evidence is in my favour. Bulldozers moved into the Lassiter’s Complex area to begin work.

Matt asks how long it takes to revert and Lou jokes with him that he doesn’t think he has! Retrieved 18 April Although it’s not called that any more. During her guest appearance inBritish singer Lily Allen filmed her scenes on the PirateNet set, before performing her song, ” 22 “. Many of the sets were revamped and there were some new additions.

Retrieved 18 December It then becomes part of the law practice, Tim Collins and Associates.

Beighbours pubs and bars”. Charlie’s Susan is having no luck trying to get someone to talk to her about Brian. Retrieved 15 July Bea Nilsson Bonnie Anderson begins an apprenticeship at the garage. Retrieved 2 March Lassiters Complex Someone has dumped the remains of the Erinsborough News office into the courtyard and Matt asks Paul who heighbours should write the ticket out to and is surprised to discover that his employers are re – opening a sub – station in Erinsborough and that it’s them he should write the ticket out to!


Neighbours Episode from –

When other characters began visiting the cafe, they got to know the rest of the complex. Current characters Past characters Recurring characters.

He warns his son to toe the company line or he will be replaced. Retrieved 15 March A garden courtyard provides extra light.

Retrieved 22 September Two years later Lou’s Place was set on fire and burnt to the ground by Paul Robinson. Colette Mann teases Sheila Canning future”.

Retrieved 19 July